Why do I sleep after meditation?

It's quite common to get sleepy while meditating. Active brain waves during meditation may be similar to those in the early stages of sleep. That means it's natural to feel a little sleepy during meditation from time to time. Do it first thing in the morning.

Even if you get enough sleep, it's best to take advantage of the time of day when you're most alert, says Lieff. For most people, that would be first thing in the morning. It's completely normal, there's no reason to worry. Do you meditate with your eyes closed? During meditation, often both the body and the mind calm down, the respiratory rate decreases, the activity of the vagus nerve is emphasized, and therefore the entire system changes to a state of rest and relaxation.

A sense of sleep is a common result of that. In reality, it could be a positive sign that you are really restoring your resources. Try to end your meditation with a more active routine to get you back on track. You can also try more active types of meditation, such as visual meditations with open eyes or meditation while walking.

What meditation does is that it calms the talk of the mind and, because of that, you may realize the need to rest a little. Tiredness here is not something caused by meditation, you only gain awareness of what your body is trying to communicate. I have said that people's sleep hours can vary from person to person, however, it depends on the sleep needs of your body. But how is it that every time I try to meditate, I end up yawning and fighting the sandman instead of finding my third eye? Is not everyone suitable for meditation? When it comes to staying calm and inducing sleep naturally, meditation is one of the most holistic solutions.

If meditation makes you sleepy, it's probably because you're doing a meditation technique that produces alpha brainwaves. If you wake up early to meditate, try developing a pre-meditation ritual to help your brain transition from sleep mode to meditation mode. However, in the long term, you'll feel more energetic without having to sleep much if you meditate regularly. If you keep your stomach full before meditating, you will find it difficult to maintain the awareness needed to calm your mind, resulting in regular sleep rather than meditation.

Sometimes you consume all your mental and physical energy without taking the essential rest, so the relaxation you feel during meditation can be so profound that it can make you want to sleep longer than usual. In addition, eating a lot of unhealthy foods that take a long time to digest can make your body feel lethargic, so with those eating habits, you can start sleeping much longer than usual when you start meditating.

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