Is it enough to meditate for 20 minutes?

Science says that listening to this meditation can help you make fewer mistakes. People with anxiety disorders who took a mindfulness meditation course showed a dramatic drop in stress hormones and inflammatory responses when exposed to a stressful situation, compared to their counterparts who took a stress management course that did not include meditation. In a study of 100 people (half of whom had meditated between four and 46 years and the other half who had never done so), high-resolution MRI brain scans showed that meditators had lost significantly less gray matter in many regions of the brain than did non-meditators of the same age. To help you navigate the roads and paths of meditation, Mindworks meditation courses are one of the best meditation platforms out there.

The benefits of meditation are priceless, regardless of whether you prefer short or long meditation sessions. If you prefer to see how I did my meditation challenge, you can go to my YouTube video here, or you can read some of the tips that helped me on my meditation journey. It's packed with great resources that can help you go from a beginner to an experienced meditator in no time; it's a great way to learn to meditate.

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