How can I stop falling asleep during meditation?

Try these 8 ways to avoid falling asleep while meditating, separate your sleep and waking time. Splash cold water on your face. Don't lie down when you meditate. Do not meditate after eating a hearty meal.

One secret to making the mind calm and meditate easier is to keep the body completely still, at least for some time. The body and mind are connected, and just as the body will have difficulty standing still when the mind is very restless, it also works the other way around. Keep your body totally still and you will begin to see that the mind will also become calmer and calmer, gradually settling down. Researchers also reported increases in alpha brainwaves for all levels of meditation depth compared to resting states.

When it came to deeper states, some researchers observed increases in theta waves and decreases in central beta and low gamma waves. In other words, high-alert and problem-solving brainwaves decreased, while relaxation-related brain waves increased. After eating, your body may work overtime to digest food, especially if you've eaten a lot. The digestion process can draw energy from the brain and create a little fog.

For a surefire way to stay alert during meditation, try standing up while practicing. Active brain waves during meditation may be similar to those in the early stages of sleep. That means it's natural to feel a little sleepy during meditation from time to time. If your sleepiness becomes a major obstacle to your meditation practice, there may be underlying problems such as lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, or an illness to address.

Talk to your doctor if you suspect this might be the case. It's not as hard to turn this around and stay awake as you might think. There are several things you can try to stay awake and alert while you meditate. Here are 12 of my top tips.

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